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We acknowledge that Baptism is God's act, God's initiative, and God's gift.  It joins us to Jesus, the Church and eternal life.  We believe and confess that Baptism is the Church's entry rite.  Baptism brings us into the Church, Christ's living body on earth.
So, who should be baptized?  Everyone!  Infants, children, and adults in fulfillment of Jesus' command, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." (Matthew 28)
When should a child be baptized?  Traditionally parents will have their child baptized after the first days of birth throughout the first year.  There is no exact time frame for baptism.  Sometimes family traditions or life circumstances will help decide when your child will be baptized, however, we recommend that normally it be sooner rather than later.  At the same time, it is never too late to be baptized.
So, what should I do if I want my child, or myself to be baptized?  Contact our church office.  One of our pastors will contact you, listen to your faith journey so far, and answer your questions about baptism.  Scripturally, baptism and teaching always accompany one another.  For more information regarding our two-part approach to baptism, please download the following document:
            Baptism Information Form (Please return this to the church office.)
Can my child be baptized at First Lutheran Church if I am not a member?  We welcome all to become baptized that wish to do so.  Ordinarily, parents should be First Lutheran members or worshipping here before bringing a child for baptism.  Once a person has been baptized at First Lutheran Church, they become a member.  If the parent's membership is in another congregation, we insist that they receive the permission from the pastor of that congregation for the baptism to take place at First Lutheran Church.  If they should wish to retain their membership in another congregation, we will transfer the membership of the newly baptized to that congregation.
Can I be baptized with my child?  Certainly!  If you have not been baptized and are ready to become a part of the faith community, we encourage you to share a baptismal day with your child.
When will baptisms take place?  Baptisms take place during the normal weekend worship services of First Lutheran Church, and can be scheduled for most weekends.  We encourage baptisms to be a part of the gathered community of faith and worship, but we acknowledge that due to health concerns and other circumstances, this is not always possible.  Exceptions will be at the discretion of the pastor(s).
Do I need to take part in pre-baptismal counseling?  For families where it is the first child to be baptized, yes.  If you are an adult wishing to be baptized, it is required.  Even for families who have had other children baptized here and who have had previous instruction, we still request that you talk with a pastor.  The benefit and purpose of these events are more than the teaching itself, but also about connecting families and fellow congregation members together.  For more information regarding our two-part approach to baptism, please download the following document:
            Baptism Information Form (Please return this form to the church office.)
Who should be sponsors?  When choosing sponsors think about the person(s) who will help raise your child in his/her faith life.  Think about a person who would help celebrate your child's baptismal day each year, assist with answering those difficult faith questions, be there for your child's faith milestones, and listen to and pray for your child.  Sponsors themselves must be baptized, and should be 18 years or older.  A younger child may be considered as an honorary sponsor.
Are there financial costs for having a baptism?  No!  This is God's gift to you!  He paid all the cost Himself, on the cross!
What if I have other questions about baptism?  If you have additional questions, please contact a pastor at (701) 852-4853.