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You have entered into the process of preparing for marriage.  We at First Lutheran wish you a joyous wedding day and a joy-filled marriage.  We look forward to helping you make your wedding as personal and special as can be.

The celebration of marriage in the Christian tradition is primarily a service of worship during which the people of God gather to give thanks and share the joy as the couple begins a new and unique relationship in their lives.  The marriage ceremony bears witness to a couple's mutual faith and represents the values they regard as important for their future life together.  Therefore, choices made regarding the service are expected to reflect these values. 

In order to assist you in planning your wedding in accordance with scripture, wedding etiquette and our church policies, a wedding coordinator is a part of every wedding held in the main sanctuary at First Lutheran Church.  She will serve as your primary contact person during the planning process.

Below is an application to submit as the first step in scheduling your wedding at First Lutheran. The wedding planning guide is a booklet of information to assist you in your ceremony preparations. A printed copy of this booklet may be picked up in the church office.