Faith Milestones...
To be "Lutheran" means many things, but primarily to accept that a person is brought into a lasting relationship with God.  In other words, "saved or given salvation" by God's grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ, his Son.  To be "Lutheran" also means that in response to God's saving grace, we strive to live out our faith through the study of the Bible, prayer, and regular worship -- including partaking of the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and living the Christian life in our daily vocations.  These "vocations" are primarily our roles as family members, church members, community members, and in our occupations (daily work).

As you will see if you visit us in worship or become a member of First Lutheran, we believe the home and congregation are equal partners in passing on our beliefs and faith.  That is why we emphasize in our ministries these vocations as well as intentionally recognizing the "faith milestones" of our lives. 

These faith milestones include:
  • Baptism, usually as a child.
  • A child's first experience in formal Christian education, such as Sunday or Wednesday school.  Family Sunday school is also an option for intergenerational Christian education.
  • A child's first Bibles -- one presented before Kindergarten and another from First Lutheran in 3rd grade.
  • A child's first Holy Communion, which can be any time after baptism -- usually sometime between 2nd and 5th grade.
  • A child's "Affirmation of Faith", more commonly referred to as "Confirmation".  Preceded by instruction in 7th through 9th grade, "Confirmation" usually takes place in the 9th grade.
  • Graduation from High School.
  • Entering into marriage.
These milestones mark the significant, though not exclusive, times when God's grace is active in our lives.  These patterns of "faith life" then begin again with the next generation of parents - and continue with us all until our death.  For more information about some of these "Faith Milestones", please use the following links to access more information and to view the policies surrounding them: