City & Country Health Clinic

City & Country Health Clinic (CCHC) is located in the lower level of Luther Hall -- east side, main church building of First Lutheran Church.  The clinic takes no appointments.  Patients are served on a "first come, first served" basis.  If the clinic is closed for some reason, the clinic phone will have a message stating this fact.  Please call ahead if you are coming from a distance.  The physical address for the clinic is 120 5th Ave NW, Minot, ND  58703.

Clinic Phone & Messages:
Call (701) 833-1951 to leave a message, to hear the dates and times of the clinic, or for cancellations -- especially if you are coming from a distance.  All phone messages are answered during clinic hours.

Clinic Day and Hours: (Clinic is closed on all holidays.)
Mondays - 5:15 pm until full

Who can be served at City & Country Health Clinic?
Any person who has no health insurance or government sponsored health insurance is welcome to come to the clinic.

CCHC was established in 1999 to provide outpatient care, basic medications, health education and referrals here at First Lutheran Church.  The appointments are provided free of charge to the patients.  Our thanks goes out to the volunteer efforts of physicians, family nurse practitioners, nurses and receptionists who work at CCHC.  There are three staff members in addition to the volunteers.  In addition, the clinic welcomes nursing students from Minot State University who serve their community health practicums at CCHC.

Our number one prayer concern at the clinic is always for more providers.  We currently have 12 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants volunteering with us, in addition to the medical residents from UND Center for Family Medicine.  The more providers we have volunteering, the more patients we can serve.  Volunteer providers and nurses donated more than $200,000 in value of medical care to the approximately 1100 patients in 2014 alone.

Community Support:
The clinic receives support from St. Joseph's Community Foundation, St. Joseph's Auxiliary, Verendrye Electric Cooperative's Operation Round-Up, Granite Springs, SRT, several area congregations, service project groups, First Lutheran Church Women and many individuals.  First Lutheran Church provides the facilities for the clinic.  The clinic also receives medication and medical supplies from individuals who no longer need them.

White Drug, B & B Northwest, KeyCare, Medicine Shoppe, and Market Pharmacy fill our patients subscriptions at $5.00 over cost.  In addition, our nurse coordinators work with several drug companies to secure free medications for people who qualify for low income programs.

The clinic is thankful to Trinity Hospital for providing free lab work for our clinic.

How can you help?
  • Volunteer: Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and receptionists are always needed.
  • Donations: Cash donations from individuals or groups are always welcome. (Please make checks payable to City & Country Health Clinic, or to First Lutheran with the clinic designated in the memo line.)
  • Memorials: You may give memorial gifts or gifts to honor a loved one.  This is an especially good way to honor a friend or loved one who has worked in or was involved in health care.
  • Medical Supplies and Medications: The clinic accepts donations of these items. 
  • Refreshments for volunteers: We welcome the opportunity to provide refreshments for our 5 or 6 workers who volunteer each time the clinic is open.
Speaker for Your Group:
CCHC is ready to send a speaker to your group if you would like to know more about the clinic and opportunities to support this ministry.