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Family Sunday School

First Lutheran Church offers Family Sunday School at 9:45 am on Sunday mornings.  Please join us!

What is Family Sunday School?
Family Sunday School is a cross-generational learning experience.  It focuses not only on our children and their knowledge of the Biblical stories, but also focuses on specific ways that our families and adults can themselves learn the stories of our faith.  Equally important, we also will learn specific ways to practice and pass on Christian faith to the next generation.

What is meant by "cross-generational"?
It has been observed that the Church very well may be the last place in our society where multiple generations of people still intentionally gather on a week-to-week basis.  We believe this is a beautiful God-given tool.  Here the experience of the ages meets the enthusiasm of youth.  We seek to be intentional about establishing those relationships across the generations.  In so doing, concern, love, and care grows.  As public, professional educators will note, there is a definite correlation between having more positive adult relationships present in a young person's life, equating to more key benchmarks of learning and growing being achieved.  It is no different in the Church.

Much more so, as with any learned skill set, the lessons learned in a cross-generational approach are not only for the children involved.  The intent is that the lessons and skills learned on Sunday mornings are "portable" for the adults, as well.  The real laboratory for faith is at home over the course of a regular week.

Who should come to Family Sunday School?
Our hope for this cross-generational Sunday School is that we will not only have present our children and their parents and/or the adults most concerned that these children grow into their faith, but also those who would normally attend Adult Forum, our eldest generations, and those younger family units who do not yet have children ,or whose children will be participating in the "regular" pre-K - 2nd grade classes.

Come and give it a try!!!